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Sooo. This is my second ever attempt at drawing Bradley James and, according to my sisters, it looks like Satan. But! It's still an improvement over my first ever attempt at drawing Bradley James which, according to them, looked like an unfortunate face transplant accident.

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Made a lot better by keire_ke

Quick Rec

It Only Took Three Months! (Six Years and Three Months) by hereticalvision - WIP, but very enjoyable so far. Involves angst, good characterization, UST and, most of all, commitment issues. I love the unhurried way the story progresses and the way it's constructed.

The Lord is my Shepherd by ColorWheel - ok I won't lie, I love fics discussing homophobia in a religious context. This one is sweet and very angsty.

Have a good day, everyone!

Merlin Rewatch Bingo Card

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Kissing Merlin spell Evil seductress Lakes Destiny
Castles (not Camelot) Executions M/A eye gazing Merlin disobeys Arthur Crossbow
Ship: Arthur/Morgana Merlin without scarf FREE Old Religion reference Merlin in bed
Horseback riding Feasts Camelot Library Lower Town Poison
Merlin chores Ship: Arthur/Knight Druid tattoo Cleavage!Alert Spear

More Than Words

Originally posted by karuvapatta at More Than Words
Author: karuvapatta
Title: More Than Words
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: Arthur dies on a battlefield. Merlin mourns.
Warnings: Character death (sorta), angst (kind of), manly tears of pain
Word Count: 853
Prompt: #9 Tears
Author's Notes: Kudos to keire_ke who was once again bullied into generously agreed to beta it for me!

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